Real estate guidance system of (real estate tour)

I will explain our guidance system.

In Indonesia, because it does not allow you to putyour only car that is taking permission, I will offer a charter car in theCompany. Expenses, will be borne by the customer.

In addition to the above, at the time of assistance,but received a RP.200.000 per property, with regard to this, I am allowed torefund at the time of your contract. The payment, please pay before guidance incash. Since then issue a receipt at the time of payment, please keep it in asafe place until the time of the contract. If, in the case where it is lost, itcan not be refund, please understand.

Separately, with regard to real estate tour, pleasecontact us.

... Your guide to the following

If you use the mail: info@japan-oric.co.id

If you are using the phone:

+ 62-821-44-17-5566 (Japan)

+ 62-81-55-8888-377 (Japan)

+ 62-81-999-85-7788 (Japan)

+ 62-822-3633-5939 (Indonesian, English)